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What is “Cultural Agility”?

Cultural agility is the mega-competency which enables professionals to perform successfully in cross-cultural situations. Culturally agile professionals succeed in contexts where the successful outcome of their jobs, roles, positions, or tasks depends on dealing with an unfamiliar set of cultural norms—or multiple sets of them.

Would you like to build this critical competency in your workforce?   
If so, read Cultural Agility:  Building a Pipeline of Successful Global Professionals
Advanced Praise for Cultural Agility:

“Any of us who travel outside our home country has experienced firsthand the need to be culturally agile.  Paula has done a marvelous job culling research, offering insights, and creating tools that will help us become more personally culturally agile. ...The book has great examples and applicable tools that any business or HR leader will adapt to ensure a stable supply of culturally agile global professionals.”                   

Dave Ulrich Ph.D. - Professor of Business at the University of Michigan and author of several books including HR Transformation: Building Human Resources from the Outside In


“By any standard, cultural agility - in a mosaic of contexts and roles - is critical to compete and win in global markets. Caligiuri delivers valuable talent-management practices that complete the mosaic and accelerate cultural agility.”            

Wayne F. Cascio, Ph.D.  Robert H. Reynolds Distinguished Chair in Global Leadership, University of Colorado-Denver and author of several books including Investing in People: Financial Impact of Human Resource Initiatives


“Every sector – whether international development, sport, government, military, or business – is affected by globalization and the complexities it has created.  Cultural Agility is a must-read for organizational leaders wanting to ready a workforce able to successfully navigate these challenges.”              

Nicholas Craw Past Director, Peace Corps and President and CEO, Automobile Competition Committee for the United States, FIA Inc.

Assess Your Cultural Agility

Cultural Agility Self-Assessment (CASA)
Feel at home anywhere in the world!
Would you like to get started to assess and develop your cultural agility? The Cultural Agility Self-Assessment tool (CASA) will provide you with insight into your own level of cultural agility and will offer some guidance on how to increase it. CASA will cover three important components of...

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